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RDA Northern Rivers seeks to support the Northern Rivers business community by featuring available grants and opportunities for the benefit of our local economy and community. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of the grants that are available, instead it is a list of featured grants, primarily for organisations.

There are many more grants available and we have provided some useful links below to help you find them. RDA Northern Rivers can support your application through access to regional data, application assistance and support letters.

Need some guidance to help write your application? RDA Northern Rivers Successful Grant Writing Toolkit provides a step by step guide to help you write winning grants.

RDA Sydney are host to two grant writing webinars that provide more insight into the grant writing process. You can access the recording of the first webinar here and download documents from both webinars on the Successful Grant Writing Toolkit page.

What’s on this page?

Flood Recovery Grants
COVID-19 Grants and Support
Grants closing in May 2023
Grants closing in June 2023
Grants closing in July 2023
More grant opportunities
Awards, Scholarships and more
Where to find grants


February – March Flood Grants and Support

February and March 2022 storm and flood disaster recovery small business grant
The disaster recovery grant of up to $50,000 is to help pay for the costs of clean-up and reinstatement of a small business or not-for-profit organisation’s operations. Small businesses and not-for-profits in defined disaster areas are eligible – Closes 30 June 2023

Northern Rivers Medium Sized Business Grant
Up to $200,000 is available for medium sized businesses and not for profits with 21 to 200 employees to help pay for the costs of flood clean-up and reinstatement of operations – Closes 30 June 2023

Special Disaster Grants – NSW Severe Weather & Flooding February 2022 onwards
Flood affected primary producers are encouraged to apply for Special Disaster Grants to access financial assistance to get back operating as soon as possible – Applications close 30 June 2023, claims close 30 September 2023

Visit your Flood Recovery Centre, call the Service NSW Hotline on 13 77 88 or use the Disaster Assistance Finder to check your eligibility.

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COVID-19 Grants and Support

The NSW Government has a range of financial support available for businesses and industries affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. Information is available from the NSW Government website.

A complete list of grants, loans and financial assistance available to NSW businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic is available on the Service NSW website.

Workplace Legal Advice Program
The Fair Work Ombudsman’s Workplace Legal Advice Program provides eligible employers and employees with independent legal help to deal with workplace issues arising from the coronavirus outbreak.

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Grants closing in May 2023

eSafety Grants
The Preventing Tech-based Abuse of Women Grants Program, led by eSafety, is part of the Australian Government’s commitment to improving the safety of Australian women and their children through the prevention of technology-facilitated gender-based violence – Closes 29 May 2023

Mobile Black Spot Program
The Mobile Black Spot Program is a Government initiative that invests in telecommunications infrastructure to improve mobile coverage and competition across Australia – Closes 31 May 2023

Regional Connectivity Program
The Regional Connectivity Program is a grants program funding the delivery of ‘place-based’ telecommunications infrastructure projects to improve digital connectivity across regional, rural and remote Australia – Closes 31 May 2023

Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B) Broadcast Rebate Program
Incentivises voluntary uptake of ADS-B equipment in Australian registered aircraft operating under Visual Flight Rules to improve safety and efficiency for Australian airspace users – Closes 31 May 2023

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Grants closing in June 2023

Community Child Care Fund – Establishing Child Care in Limited Supply Areas
The Australian Government is inviting applications from Child Care Subsidy approved providers to set up new centre based day care and family day care services under this Grant Opportunity – Closes 1 June 2023

Ballina Shire Council Community Donations Program
Applications are open for financial assistance for community groups and capital works assistance for community sporting groups in the Ballina Shire – Closes 2 June 2023

Playing Australia Project Investment
Supports performing arts tours to reach regional and remote communities across Australia – Closes 6 June 2023

In a Good Place
The In a Good Place program gives small remote, rural and regional communities across Australia the opportunity to access funds for a broad range of community-driven projects, services, activities or initiatives, which clearly and directly focus on strengthening the mental health and well-being of vulnerable community members who are at risk of or are experiencing, mental health issues – Closes 7 June 2023

Heywire Youth Innovation Grants
Grants of up to $10,000 are available for communities across Australia to adopt, adapt and act on the ideas generated at the Heywire Summit – Closes 7 June 2023

Byron Shire Council Community, Arts and Events Funding
Funding is available for community initiatives, events and festival sponsorship and creative public spaces – Closes 12 June 2023

Reviving International Tourism Grant Program – Stream 1
The Reviving International Tourism Grant Program is designed to assist eligible small to medium enterprises that work directly within the Australian tourism export or travel wholesale industry sectors (inbound tour operator or outbound tour operator/travel wholesaler) to rebuild and strengthen international supply chains by undertaking demand driving activities such as attending expos, business development and marketing – Closes 13 June 2023

Saluting Their Service Commemorative Grants
Supports projects that commemorate the service and sacrifice of Australia’s service personnel in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations – Closes 13 June 2023

Gallagher Landcare Electric Fencing Grants
Support for conservation and biodiversity protection projects aligned with the priority areas of conservation exclusion/inclusion fencing and riparian protection and farm dam restoration – Closes 15 June 2023

Pick Fresh Play Fresh Netball Grants
Supports grassroots netball clubs and associations with a Woolworths NetSetGO Centre – Closes 18 June 2023

Powering Australia Industry Growth Centre Program
The Powering Australia Industry Growth Centre program will run over four years from 2023-24 to 2026-27. The program was announced as part of the Australian Made Battery Plan to create more jobs and greater wealth for the nation by manufacturing batteries onshore – Closes 19 June 2023

Marking (First World War) Privates Graves Grants Program
The objective of the program is to contribute to community recognition of the service and sacrifice of service personnel in the First World War. It does this by providing funding to contribute to the cost of establishing a grave marker on currently unmarked private graves – Closes 20 June 2023

MRFF – 2023 Early to Mid-Career Researchers Grant Opportunity
The objective of this grant opportunity is to provide grants of financial assistance to support Australian medical research and medical innovation projects – Closes 21 June 2023

Deaf Children Australia Youth Grants
Youth aged 12 to 23 years of age that are deaf or hard of hearing are encouraged to share their stories and dream big with grants to help reach their goal – Closes 27 June 2023

MRFF 2022 Clinical Trials Activity Grant Opportunity
Applications to this grant opportunity must propose research that addresses one of the four Streams of research as described in the grant guidelines – Closes 28 June 2023

1,000 Jobs Package Grant Funding
Tranche Two provides a subsidy for new jobs for Community Development Program participants in remote Australia to support economic development – Closes 30 June 2023 or when exhausted

Critical Producers Grant
The objective of the program is to help primary producers and primary production enterprises impacted by the February and March 2022 NSW Severe Weather and Flooding events to rebuild and recover in the medium to longer term with the aim of supporting job security, future resilience and enabling future production – Closes 30 June 2023

Aged Care Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Training
The purpose of this grant opportunity is to provide support for more nurses in residential aged care to access infection prevention and control (IPC) leadership training and ensure residential aged care services are well prepared to prevent or manage future infectious disease outbreaks including influenza and COVID-19 – Closes 30 June 2023

Strengthening Business
Strengthening Business is a service under the AusIndustry Entrepreneurs’ Programme that connects you with experts to make your business stronger, more resilient and better prepared for the future – Closes 30 June 2023

COVID-19 Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program – Phase 3
Supports Local Councils to create jobs by delivering priority local road and community infrastructure projects – Closes 30 June 2023

Elsa Dixon Aboriginal Employment Grant
A range of strategies to develop and support Aboriginal people through the creation of training and employment opportunities – Closes 30 June 2023

Mental Health Month Grants
Small grants to community groups and organisations to support Mental Health Month projects or events – Closes 30 June 2023

EV Charging Site Host NSW
Businesses, commercial property owners and managers, local councils as well as site operators and owners across NSW will have the chance to be part of the world-class charging network – Closes 30 June 2023

St George Foundation Community Grants
Support for grassroots projects run by Australian children’s charities helping to create brighter futures for children and young people in need – Closes 30 June 2023

2023 Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme for funding commencing in 2024
The Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme is an innovative annual national research project grants funding scheme which brings together government and other funders to collaboratively fund cancer research in Australia – Closes 30 June 2023

Indigenous Advancement Strategy: Support for Community Sector Organisations Grant Opportunity Guidelines
The purpose of this funding is to support community sector organisations with existing IAS funded activities at need of funding supplementation due to additional staff wages pressures and high inflations rates – Closes 30 June 2023

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Grants closing in July 2023

Reviving International Tourism Grant Program – Stream 2
The Reviving International Tourism Grant Program is designed to assist eligible small to medium enterprises that work directly within the Australian tourism export or travel wholesale industry sectors (inbound tour operators or outbound tour operators/travel wholesalers) to rebuild and strengthen international supply chains by undertaking demand driving activities such as attending expos, business development and marketing – Closes 4 July 2023

Arts and Disability Initiative 2022-24
Support for d/Deaf artists or arts workers, or artists or arts workers with disability, seeking to undertake a project or activity to advance their practice, skills or career – Closes 4 July 2023

NHMRC-Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases (GACD): Non-Communicable Disease Prevention in Cities Funding Call 2023
The objective of the NHMRC-GACD 2023 scheme is to fund implementation research focused on addressing non-communicable disease (NCD) risk factors associated with city environments and related health inequities – Closes 7 July 2023

Community War Memorials fund
Funding to help conserve, repair and protect war memorials across NSW – Closes 25 July 2023

Emerging Aviation Technology Partnerships (EATP) Program – Round Two Grant Opportunity
The EATP program is intended to encourage adoption of emerging aviation technologies (such as drones, electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft and new aviation propulsion systems) to address community needs, particularly in regional Australia – Closes 27 July 2023

MRFF 2023 National Critical Research Infrastructure Grant Opportunity
The 2023 National Critical Research Infrastructure initiative invests in research infrastructure to ensure Australian researchers find innovative solutions to complex health problems in areas of unmet medical need – Closes 31 July 2023

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More grant opportunities

Growing Regions Program Round 1
The Growing Regions Program will deliver community and economic benefits by investing in community-focused infrastructure which revitalises regions and enhances amenity and liveability throughout regional Australia – Closes 1 August 2023

MRFF 2023 Global Health Grant Opportunity
The objective of this grant opportunity is to provide grants of financial assistance to support Australian medical research and medical innovation projects that: generate knowledge to improve understanding of healthcare-associated infections in hospitals that drive antimicrobial resistance – Closes 20 September 2023

NHMRC Partnership Projects 2023
Partnership Projects will support collaborations within the Australian context that translate research evidence into health policy and health practice to improve health services and processes – Closes 29 November 2023

Youpla Group Funeral Benefits Program
The program addresses the urgent need to allow families with deceased loved ones who were insured under a Youpla Group funeral expenses policy to mourn and conduct Sorry Business with the dignity that had been intended – Closes 1 December 2023

Rural Procedural Grants Program
Support for rural GPs providing unsupervised anaesthetics, obstetrics, surgery and/or emergency medicine to maintain and update their skills – Closes 1 December 2023

Linkage Projects for funding applied for in 2023
The Linkage Projects scheme supports projects which initiate or develop long term strategic research alliances to apply advanced knowledge to problems acquire new knowledge and as a basis for securing commercial and other benefits of research – Closes 13 December 2023

Regional Skills Relocation Grant
This grant assists regional NSW businesses in identified industries to attract skilled and specialised employees from NSW metropolitan areas, interstate or internationally, to regional NSW – Closes 15 December 2023

2023 COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program
The purpose of the 2023 COVID-19 Aged Care Support Program grant opportunity is to assist providers to transition towards managing the costs of COVID-19 outbreaks as part of their business-as-usual arrangements – Closes 3 April 2024

Regional and Remote Airports Security Awareness Program
Re-imbursement based funding to support regional and remote airports to meet requirements of the Screener Accreditation Scheme – Closes 30 May 2024 

Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC) Transition Fund
This Grant Opportunity is to assist Providers who may need financial support to adjust to the new funding arrangements under the AN-ACC without impacting on their ability to provide personal and clinical care to their residents – Closes 30 June 2024

Regional Australia Microgrids Pilot Program
In October 2020, the Australian Government announced the $50 million Regional Australia Microgrid Pilots Program (RAMPP) to support pilot demonstrations of microgrids in regional and remote areas – Closes 31 December 2026

Return to Work – Phase 3
The Return to Work Program is for women who have been unemployed for one month or more and intend to return to work as an employee within 6 months – Ongoing

Advancing Renewables Program
Supports a broad range of development, demonstration and pre-commercial deployment projects that can deliver affordable and reliable renewable energy for Australian families and businesses – Ongoing

Accelerating Commercialisation
Accelerating Commercialisation is a service under the AusIndustry Entrepreneurs’ Programme that provides you with advice and funding to get your novel product, process or service to market – Ongoing

Advanced Development NSW
Provides NSW-based key creatives with funding of up to $50,000 to support screen content in an advanced stage of development including feature films, documentaries, adult and children?s TV drama – Ongoing

Airservices Australia Enroute Charges Payment Scheme
The Airservices Australia Enroute Charges Payment Scheme (program) commenced on 1 January 2002 and was introduced against the background of the collapse of Ansett on September 12, 2001 to assist in ensuring the continuation of air services to regional Australia – Ongoing

Australian Government’s Youth Job PaTH
Trial and hire a young person and get help with wage and training costs – Ongoing

Bridges Renewal Program and Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program
The Bridges Renewal Program (BRP) and the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program (HVSPP) are complementary programs designed to provide funding to State, Territory and Local Governments for projects which will upgrade and replace bridges to enhance access for local communities and facilitate higher productivity vehicle access (BRP) and increase the productivity and safety of heavy vehicle operations (HVSPP) – Ongoing

Digital Lift
Digital Lift is the philanthropic arm of tech company Monday.com. They are supporting not-for-profits to get digitally connected with volunteer support, software licenses, training and grants – Ongoing

Early Development NSW
Provides key creatives for NSW based screen projects with funding of up to $50,000 to support screen content in the early stage of development with pre-draft and early draft costs – Ongoing

Employer Incentives for Apprentices
The Australian Government offers a range of incentives to employers who hire apprentices, ranging from additional support for identified skill shortages, adult Australian apprentices, Australian apprentices with a disability and wage subsidies – Ongoing

Indigenous Travel Grants
The Travel Grants program is designed to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander filmmakers in travelling to key international and Australian events. Professional development is a key objective – Applications can generally be made at any time at least five weeks before the event

NSW Emergency Drought Relief Package 2019-20
On 11 June 2019 the NSW Government announced additional drought assistance measures for farmers including a $350 million increase in the Farm Innovation Fund and $70 million to continue rebates on the Drought Transport Subsidy – Ongoing or until funds exhausted

NSW Heritage Emergency Works Grant
These grants support the protection or repairs to declared Aboriginal Places, items listed on the State Heritage Register, or items with a current interim heritage order that have been damaged by unexpected events (such as an extreme storm or accident) and where your insurance does not cover this cost – Ongoing

NSW Trade Missions & Exhibitions
Provides export ready NSW companies with industry exhibitions, specialist advice and networking opportunities to help them succeed in the export market – Ongoing

Performers Trust Foundation
The PPCA Performers’ Trust Foundation provides grants to promote and encourage music and the music-related performing arts – Ongoing

Regional Event Fund – Event Development Stream
The Event Development stream supports the strategic growth of proven events that demonstrate a clear rationale for the continued development of its tourism potential – Ongoing

Regional Filming Fund
The Regional Filming Fund offsets costs associated with shooting in regional areas of NSW. Regional NSW is defined as all areas in NSW outside the Sydney Metro area (excluding the ACT) – Ongoing with applications being accepted up to 4 weeks prior to the start of filming in regional NSW

Riparian and Habitat Recovery funding
Funding of up to $18,000 is available to help landholders and community groups protect and enhance waterways, wetlands and habitat in the North Coast region of NSW – Ongoing

Strategic Opportunities Program
The Strategic Opportunities Program supports individual initiatives and events that demonstrate long-term benefits to the NSW screen industry – Ongoing

Support for Startups
An initiative under the NSW Government’s Jobs for NSW program to provides capital funding through investment to support growing businesses – Ongoing

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Awards, scholarships and opportunities

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scientist Award
Recognises research in the physical and biological sciences by outstanding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders – Closes 1 June 2023

Resilient Australia Awards
The awards recognise outstanding contributions in each state and territory across seven categories: business, community, government, local government, mental health and wellbeing, school, and photography – Closes 5 June 2023

Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards
Recognises programs that reduce crime and violence that may address specific groups such as rural and remote communities, women, children, youth, family, migrant, ethnic or Indigenous communities, or specific problems such as alcohol-related violence – Closes 27 June 2023

Community Achievement Awards
Acknowledges the valuable contributions that individuals, communities and businesses make throughout regional and rural NSW & The ACT – Opens 14 June & closes 24 August 2023

Women in STEM Cadetships and Advanced Apprenticeships
The Women in STEM Cadetships and Advanced Apprenticeships Program aims to promote equality of opportunity in higher education, through increasing access to, and participation of, up to 600 employed women to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) – Onoing

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Where To Find Grants

Government Grants

Australian Government

Grants & Programs is the assistance portal on the Australian Government’s business.gov.au site. The search feature provides access to over 600 grants that support business, local government and community. It includes incentives for research and development, support for small businesses, tax and duty concessions, and assistance for industries in transition.

GrantConnect provides centralised publication of forecast and current Australian Government grants and opportunities and grants awarded

Community Grants Hub is the Australian Government’s site for community-related grants. This can include grants for health, agriculture and landcare. Other sources of Australian Government grants

Indigenous Advancement Strategy Department of Social Services Department of Environment and Energy Australia Council for the Arts Screen Australia Community Grants Hub

NSW Government

The NSW Business Grants support small businesses to hire new employees and expand their business.

Community Builders NSW is a program which provides funding for a range of services to strengthen communities and build their capacity and is provided by NSW Family and Community Services.

Other sources of NSW Government grants

Screen NSW
Create NSW
Arts NSW
Smarty Grants
Museums & Galleries NSW


Northern Rivers Regional Councils

Funding for a range of community projects is available through Northern Rivers local councils. Information about community funding programs can be found on council websites.

Ballina Shire Council
Byron Shire Council
Clarence Valley Council
Lismore City Council
Richmond Valley Council
Tweed Shire Council
Kyogle Council


Other Grant Opportunities

Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal
Australian Communities Foundation
Club Grants
Northern Rivers Community Foundation
Community Broadcasting Foundation
Business Australia – Guide to NSW Small Business Grants

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