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Regional Economic Recovery Plan 2025

Events over the last four years have significantly challenged the Northern Rivers Economy. Drought, bushfires, a pandemic and the 2022 natural disaster have all impacted our business and industry community. In addition, the most recent natural disasters have caused significant damage to infrastructure across the region.

To support the recovery effort, RDA Northern Rivers has developed the Regional Economic Recovery Plan 2025 (RERP) for the Northern Rivers. In doing so we aim to provide a roadmap towards the economic recovery of our region.

The recovery from past and recent disasters will require a high level of investment from both government and private sector to rebuild and reconstruct the region’s built environment, infrastructure, main streets, environmental damage (e.g. caused by landslides) and more. With a focus on the 2022 floods, the report provides a picture of the financial burden and its impact on the region. Leading research has indicated that for every dollar of insurance paid out, a multiplier cost of at least ten can be calculated to provide a very sobering true cost to the community.

In repairing our region it is not enough to just build back, but rather to “build back better”. Utilising the understanding and knowledge from global best practices, we can build a stronger and more resilient Northern Rivers economy.


Regiona Economic Recovery Plan cover page with Clarry Hall Dam image


Underpinning principles

The premise of the report is underpinned by considering different approaches to the traditional way of managing, before, after and through disasters:


  • The community often knows best. Consult early and consult often. It is the little things that can make a very big and sometimes lifesaving difference.
  • First Nations lore is incredibly valuable. We can learn lessons from the deep past by unlocking and understanding thousands of years of wisdom.
  • Every relevant planning document (at all levels of government) and decision-making should be premised on disaster preparedness and mitigation.
  • Always seek to “build back better”. The phrase is quickly becoming a cliché, but the mantra is strong and to do less is to do what we have always done.
  • Incorporate world best practice and use other state examples of best practice. For example, the Queensland Reconstruction Authority is seen as a good model if it can be translated to the NSW Reconstruction Authority.


You can view and download a PDF copy of the Regional Economic Recovery Plan 2025 here.

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